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Meet Carey

Let us be your guide on YOUR wellness journey with
holistic health care for the mind, body and spirit

Black and white portrait photo of Carey-- she has long wavy hair and is smiling

My journey to this has been pretty diverse. I attended the Minneapolis College of Art & Design in the early

90's. Then after having my first child, I went back to school and earned a B.A. in Business and worked in Sales &

Marketing until 2008. In 2008 is when I really began to lean into the Healing Arts and decided to change

career directions.

I decided to go back to graduate school. In 2011 I earned a Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine, a second B.A.

in Nutrition, completed just under 3,000 internship hours at the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine. That

education covered many aspects including acupuncture, anatomy and herbal studies. I have been a certified

Reiki practitioner since 2004 and received a Reiki Master certification in 2014.

I am honored to work with people who are "every day modern warriors" dealing with whole life issues such as

PTSD, stress, sleep problems, phobias, trauma, anxiety, chronic pain and lots of stomach/gut challenges.

My initial consultation can take an hour or so. During this time I really learn about the client and what they are

experiencing - so that I can best understand how to efficiently work with them and start developing a plan or

path to the client’s wellness goals.

People often just need some help with recentering and getting grounded to start moving in the right direction

for better quality of life.

The patient and I focus on the ”gut to heart to brain connections”, whether healing or supporting, it truly helps

resolve many issues. We work through various options for every unique individual.

Portrait photo of Carey-- she has sunglasses on her head, is wearing dangling earrings, and is smiling
Portrait of Carey-- she's smiling and has her long wavy hair down

Like all of us, so much of what I have learned in life comes from those experiences that make us who we are. I've

always been a caregiver and empathetic to others’ circumstances and needs. From becoming a parent, to

attending school later in life and then surviving several auto accidents, I grew personally and professionally. I was able to relate to others and look at life on a very personal yet big picture level.

I am blessed daily by the opportunity to help others.

Everyone deserves to live their best life!