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Eastern Exposures

Holistic Wellness

Let us be your guide on YOUR wellness journey with
holistic health care for the mind, body and spirit

Let Eastern Exposures be YOUR guide on a unique designed journey to wellness

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Your journey begins with you wanting to be well.

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Then we'll develop a customized plan that will be as adventurous and aggressive as you would like it to be.

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It is YOUR journey.

Let us help you get there.

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We offer various exposures to different techniques and modalities. You choose one or more as individual sessions or an eclectic blend to accomplish your health and wellness goals.

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Our nutritional recommendations have an eastern emphasis but can fit into anyone's diet. It must work for You and your lifestyle. We offer practical suggestions that are easy to follow.

Be subtle or adventurous.

Your goals. Your choice.

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Herbal formulas

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Holistic Wellness Coaching & Referrals

If You are looking for holistic guidance that helps connect the dots of the different areas in your life. We help You discover the right path or action for Yourself.

A relationship of trust and commitment is developed between You and Your coach.

We are here for You to support and help You create the vision and the steps to get you going.